This post originally appeared as a project update for the Institute on Digital Archaeology Method and Practice here.

With the help of the wonderful folks at MATRIX, I’m still trying my darnedest (and not succeeding) at getting the KORA WordPress plugin to work. Which means I’m still a little stalled. Since I don’t yet know how the plugin behaves and I’m new at significant WordPress fiddling, I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time with painstaking selection of a theme that won’t work. I’m probably doing something stupid with the plugin install process; for now I’m just waiting to figure out what it is.

So here we are, four days until I’m on the ground in East Lansing and I don’t have a whole lot to show for my project yet. I found myself in a major slump this morning (I also threw in a little dose of impostor syndrome for good measure), but I won’t be defeated. I’m making lists of all of the possibilities and problems I want to explore with Institute mentors and colleagues. I’m prepping files to upload to KORA, and I’m wireframing the major pages of the site to make it easier to select and modify a theme when the time is right.

I also spent a good chunk of time reviewing last year’s Institute notes and the “firehose” of links. Practical and recharging. Now that I have something even remotely visual accomplished, I’m in a much more optimistic place, even if I can’t get the plugin to work before I get to MSU.

A wireframe example of the landing page showing collections and an interactive map

A full query screen for researchers

Information about Virginia archaeology and archaeological ethicsSimple data collection forms for members of the public to report sites and artifacts

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